2023 Hidden Valley High School Spring Musical


Emery Katerba, Reporter

Taking place in 2023, Hidden Valley High School and Cave Spring High School students will put on a production of High School Musical. Last years spring musical was a production of Into the Woods Jr, and it was also a collaboration with Cave Spring High School students. 

In last years musical,  sophomore Jack Barbour played Mysterious man, and said, “Yeah I’m going to audition, I wouldn’t want to miss out!” regarding this years musical. He also said that “Into the Wood Jr is the only other musical I’ve done before,”. Besides theater arts, Jack Barbour also participates in doing art at Burton Center for Arts and Technology by taking the course CVA II which is an art class. 

Extra curriculars, especially theater, is a severely underfunded part of a student’s education. “I think it’s important because you get to hangout with different people you might not have seen yourself being friends with before. I never would have met some of these people without it.”. Theater helps expand on who students meet and they can develop skills they can use in their future jobs and social life in general. 

“My favorite part about it is just hanging out with the friends you make during rehearsals,” the sophomore said. One upside of the two high school collaborating is that students are introduced to other teenagers their age they might not have met before, or at all before doing theater. It exposes students to different people and gives them the opportunity to befriend people from different walks of life. Going to things like that helps fund these programs so your peers can explore more of what they love.