Red Ribbon Week at Hidden Valley

Red Ribbon Week at Hidden Valley

Olivia Tingle, Reporter

The week of October 24th at Hidden Valley was dedicated to red ribbon week, where students can participate in dress up days throughout the week and bring awareness to the impact of drugs.

During the week, students had several choices of activities to participate in. One of these activities happened during the morning radio, every morning a positive quote was announced to the students along with information about Red Ribbon week. This information usually was about the themed days that students were able to participate in, every day of the week a different theme. Along with these activities, as people entered the school posters lined the walls to welcome them. The posters could be interactive or informational, some bringing awareness to the influence of drugs and safe driving, one being where students could pledge to be drug free.

The Red Ribbon week activities were set up by the Wellness and Prevention club here at Hidden Valley, where the students involved had say in the dress up themes and decorations. Laina Pfountz grade 12 says,

“Students are able to participate by dressing up for spirit week, joining Wellness and Prevention club to help organize events and decoration, and signing the Anti-drugs pledge poster.”

Along with Red Ribbon Week, Wellness and Prevention club plans on doing some smaller community engagement projects throughout the school year. Mrs. Raber, a counselor at Hidden Valley, states about the club…

“Prevention club is to create a good atmosphere here at school to be drug free.”

Red Ribbon week happened the week of October 24th and many students participated in the activities provided by the Wellness and Prevention club. The main goal of the week being to show awareness and share information about being drug free.