Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear the Sound of Our School Spirit?


Last years seniors jumping in on spirit week fun!

Maya Ghobrial, Reporter

Well, in response to the title’s question, I’d say, not yet. This year, from September 19th- 23rd, Hidden Valley’s school spirit week will be taking place! In anticipation of homecoming, participating students will be filling our halls with multitudes of vibrant, peculiar, and creative outfits.     

For the past couple of years, covid has severely affected HV’s spirit. Fewer people show up to football games, a lack of pride when it comes to spirit week, and less support for our school overall. However, this year is different. As our first completely normal year since the beginning of covid, students are more than excited to go all out for spirit week. And of course, to start our Spirit Week off strong, Monday is a classic: Pajama Day. 

One of our ingenious student council members, Jayda Donahue (10), helped to come up with a couple of this year’s creative themes. Tuesday; Celebrity Day. “My original idea was to have an Adam Sandler Day, but to encompass everyone’s styles the student council and I agreed on making it Celebrity Day instead.” 17 years later and spirit week is still something looked forward to by students and staff at HV. How do we keep it exciting so that even teachers, year after year, will still be excited to participate? “We try to have a variety of themes every year that differ from previous years, but still incorporate the Spirit Week classics like Pajama Day and Extreme Blue and Gold Day,” Donahue explained.   

These days it’s so much easier to get the word out about activities as such. Themes get posted on our school’s Instagram, said on the announcements every morning, and get spread around by word of mouth by students and teachers.   

Wednesday, we have a new and intriguing theme: BBQ Dads vs. Soccer Moms. Students can dress up in cargo shorts and a raggedy graphic tee or instead some cropped leggings and a fanny pouch for some flair. If you really want to go out maybe add an apron for BBQ dad or a pair of sunglasses for soccer mom. Thursday; class day. Depending on a student’s grade they will dress up as if they were from a different decade. A favorite part about this specific theme is that instead of seniors getting a decade, they get to dress up as senior citizens. “I think it’s hilarious walking through the halls and seeing all the seniors with their hair dyed white, walking around in their grandma’s nightgowns leaning on canes and walkers. And I’m really excited to get to take part in it this year.”- Paige Hurd (12)   

And lastly, Friday, the eagerly awaited day of our Homecoming football game and the night before our school’s homecoming dance, is Extreme Blue and Gold Day. Students paint their faces, add accessories, and get dressed in all blue and gold attire to celebrate our expected win against Franklin County, and to end our Spirit Week on a high-spirited note.