A Petition to avoid Collision


Gracey Haas, Reporter

Traffic at Hidden Valley is in dire need of a solution. Fortunately, two of our upperclassmen have deployed their inquisitive minds to find one. It is to bring back the senior bell to delay traffic patterns and redirect it to a manageable degree. Instead of 3:23, the solution involves allowing seniors to leave at 3:20 in hopes to manage traffic.

“I wanted to start the petition because there is a lot of traffic afterschool. I was like, why hasn’t anyone thought of moving it up five minutes. It would be so much help to our parking lot” (Kayla Mistelle, Senior at Hidden Valley).

To many non-driving students, it may not be a big deal, but anyone who drives knows how bad traffic at Hidden Valley can get. With a school of less than a thousand, it is reasonable to think that there might be some problems. Not to mention, the bus drivers and the parental drivers.

As it is known, 2 minutes is not a lot of time to get to and from, well anywhere. Not to mention, that there are many different parking spaces and many people trying to race the buses out. There are some concerns however on how to implement and how difficult it could prove to be.

“What I do know is that this request requires me to reach out to other school principals” (Josh Whitlow, Principal at Hidden Valley). “Our problem might not be the same problem at other schools so other seniors might not want the same thing.” (Whitlow)

“I think it was a week or two after school started, I was sitting in lunch, and I thought hey why don’t I take it into my own hands (along with a friend) and see if it makes anything better.” (Kayla)

It is an entire process to go through and not an easy one. One might wonder if the process is worth it.