New Face in Career Counseling

Mrs. Harner, the new career counselor at Hidden Valley.

Mrs. Harner, the new career counselor at Hidden Valley.

Olivia Tingle, David Ortiz , Reporters

Hidden Valley High School has introduced a new career center counselor for the 2022-2023 school year, Mrs. Harner.

While Mrs. Harner is new to the career center, she is not new to the school. She was previously the attendance secretary for the school, but decided to make the move, so she could help students beyond their high school careers.

In particular, she wants to help students with their college applications.  “Helping seniors with their questions and helping direct their next life step is important,” Mrs. Harner emphasized.

Mrs. Harner also reaches out to colleges and sets up meetings based on students’ interests and the availability of the colleges.  Furthermore, she keeps extra materials on hand for those colleges that don’t visit.

While mainly provided for seniors, the college meetings are open to all students. Mrs. Harner states, “Especially as a junior, if there’s a school coming that you’re interested in, take the time to come into a meeting.”

Mrs. Harner’s main role for the current school year is to help make college applications and admission easier for the students. Stop by and visit her office as you start to think about life after high school.