New Kid on the Block


This is Mr. Maus’s first year at Hidden Valley High School.

Ethan Tronstad and Brelyn Layman

Ethan Tronstad, Brelyn Layman

September 6, 2022

Mr. Maus is one of the new gym teachers here at Hidden Valley during the 2022-2023 school year.  He has a love for our students and carries a strong, kind attitude around our school. This is his first year teaching and he is happy to spend it here at Hidden Valley.

Many teachers are motivated by a positive role model in their life.  Mr. Maus is a prime example; his freshman gym teacher was his motivation to teach and have an impact on students. Mr. Maus believes that students need someone who will keep them accountable and yet, be their friend. Someone who they can trust and look up to.

He commented, “It was actually my Ninth-grade gym teacher.  He was very supportive and kind to myself and everyone around me.  He made school fun and had a very positive impact on me and many of my friends, so I wanted to be that for others.”

Mr. Maus is excited to gain his teaching experience here at Hidden Valley.

He expressed, “I love it here! I’m a first-year teacher, so discipline was something I was worried about, but so far, the kids are great. I love the building too. There is lots of space and the equipment is very nice and great quality.”

Mr. Maus is excited to gain his teaching experience here at our lovely school.  With no prior experience, Mr. Maus is ready to learn the students here and develop strong, and healthy relationships with them.  We are lucky to have him here at Hidden Valley.