Senior Day

Senior Day was a blast!

Senior Day was a blast!

Carson Wood, Staff Reporter

On Friday, April 29th, the students and staff were finally able to come together to celebrate Senior Day again after Covid limited the past two senior classes at HVHS. Senior Day is a day where all the seniors at Hidden Valley get to travel to an elementary school of their choice as well as Hidden Valley Middle School in order to get a chance to look back at their academic careers and how far they have come. Afterwards, the seniors traveled to the Salem Red Sox stadium where they will have food available to eat throughout the day and a variety of games and activities to partake in.

Another part of Senior Day includes practicing for the graduation ceremony that will officially conclude the 2022 school year. Adding on, at the end of senior day, there was an assembly to honor the graduating class at HVHS and to present Senior Superlatives and Teacher of the Year.

“My favorite part about Senior Day was playing on the wiffle ball field”, said Julian Shellnutt (12).

As the seniors walked the halls of the elementary and middle schools, the younger students and old teachers were congratulating the graduating class and gave the students a chance to catch up with some of their favorite teachers they had along their academic journey

“I really enjoyed visiting the elementary school and middle school. As I was walking through the halls, all I could think about was all the good memories I had there”, said Graydon Bartlett (12).

Hopefully the class of 2023 will be able to have the same experience next year!