After Prom


Shreya Madan, Reporter

With prom back, after prom is here with lots of games, food, snacks, and prizes. After prom is held to prevent teens from engaging in risky behaviors once the dance is over. It provides a safe space for people to have fun. There are a wide array of activities and a lively atmosphere which helps people stay awake.

“My favorite part about after prom was being able to hang out with my friends and play games,” shared Sifti Panesar (11).

Along with the multitude of games, the bouncy houses, and mechanical surfboard in the gym, there were also many prizes raffled off.

“I didn’t win any raffles, but I still took home a lot of free things, like T-shirts,” Sifti mentioned.

Along with entering to win prizes, students could use tickets to purchase items.

“I didn’t win anything, but I did buy lots of things with my tickets: T-shirt, lotion, nail polish, and perfume,” said Simran Laminchane (11).

There was lots of food, and notably coffee, at after prom, which helped people stay awake the entire time. The raffle winners were announced during the last thirty minutes of the event, meaning if people wanted to claim their prizes, they had to stay the whole night.

“My friends and I all stayed until the end at three,” Simran shared.

After prom is a great way to have fun after the dance (in more comfortable clothes too) and an opportunity to win prizes as well as hang out with friends. It makes everyone’s prom night even more memorable.