Spring Break Plans


Lots of people are excited for spring break.

Shreya Madan, Reporter

With spring break coming up, many people have exciting plans for the warmer weather. Spring break can be a time to catch up on unfinished tasks for some or to simply relax and unwind.

“I’m hoping to have enough time to deep clean my house and prepare for summer,” shared Lilly Morgan (11). It won’t be all work for Lilly though, she also has a fun trip planned.

“I’ll be staying at home for half of spring break and I’m planning to have a little road-trip to Rhode island during the latter half,” Lilly added.

Many are deciding to stay home and use this time to relax.

“I would like spring break to be a relaxing vacation for my mental health and to let me enjoy the little things in life,” shared Aanandi Parashar (10). Furthermore, Aanandi would like to catch up with her friends in town.

“Spring break will be a staycation for me, and I’ll enjoy the time with my friends; my main plan is to rest and sleep,” said Aanandi.

Spring break is a nice time off after a long, tough stretch of school. Whether it’s staying in with friends and family or taking a trip to somewhere new, everyone will be sure to enjoy their time off.