New lights in HVHS

New lights in HVHS

Micah Peay, Staff Reporter

Recently in the 2021-2022 school year at Hidden Valley High School, the school has chosen to reinstall the lights in the front of the building. The lights have made the front of the building brighter, however students have some negative things to say about it.

“The lights give me a headache first thing when I walk into the building,” said Norah Carden (10).

Some people say that they are too bright to walk into school first thing in the morning. Recently, we have had more gloomy and rainy days and the lights make it especially brighter on these days. The lights are needed more on these overcast days, but when we have brighter days outside, the front lights are not needed as much.

“It is so dark when it rains. It is like the sun has not even come up yet.” Oliver Mills (9) commented.

As we jump into the last nine weeks of the school year, it is important to take the students opinions into account. The staff members may want to ask for the students’ opinion of the lights, because they do not only affect the teachers, but the students as well.