Evolution of Spider-Man

Evolution of Spider-Man

Jayden Smiley, Reporter

Spider-Man is the most recognizable and popular superhero coming from a study by GAME. They discovered that fifty-seven percent of countries votes were in favor of Spider-Man. For decades Spider-Man has remained on top and with movie adaptations of the character becoming a yearly affair, the character will continue to stick around as the most popular.

Back in 1962 Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee, the head comic writer and artist that created Marvel. Stan along with Gerald Way and Steve Ditko got to work on the design and story of their new character after Stan had the idea to give a hero the powers of a fly, he saw on his office wall. They looked into spider powers after agreeing that a fly superhero would not be as great as a spider. Stan also wanted Spider-Man to be a younger hero. Teenage superheroes were not commonplace at the time, usually the younger created heroes would be stuck in a sidekick role. Stan thought it would be more interesting and fun to have a hero who also acts like a normal teenage boy.

After many successful years of comics and animated series after his creation, Spider-Man was set to get its first live action adaptation in 2002. Tobey Magurie was selected to become Peter Parker and Spider-Man. It spawned two other movies in the course of five years. Theses movies followed Peter Parker who is bitten by a radioactive spider while on a field trip. After a few days of getting used to his powers and learning things about them he tries to use his powers to win him money. In an unfortunate turn of events his Uncle Ben gets shot and Tobey (Peter) believes it to be his fault. Spider-Man is later born after the wise words of his late Uncle which have become a staple in the Spider-verse, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Tobey knows that he has to use his powers for good. These three films stay very similar to the original comics with a bit of a modern twist. The pacing of the films, set design, and costuming all feel like you’re reading through a Spider-Man comic book and it’s a very interesting style that is not seen often in any kind of movie. After the trilogy of Tobey’s films end in 2007, Spider-Man is rebooted for another actor and studio.

Next up in the line of Spider-Man is Andrew Garfield, with his first movie coming out in 2012. Andrews Peter Parker has a very similar origin to Tobey. He is bitten by a radioactive spider in Oscorp tower, and his Uncle Ben unfortunately is also killed. Again, he uses his power for good and becomes a renewed Spider-Man. The style of the two movies created with Andrews Spider-Man are very different than the ones of Tobey. Andrews Spider-Man acts a lot more like an unstable teen which is fitting for someone who has lost their parents and now Uncle. The theme and tone of the movies are a lot darker, and the story is more linear and not as all over the place as Tobey’s was. The movie is a bit more graphic and violent, and Andrew’s peter is made to fit the part of an average teen in the 2010’s. This Peter is more of a delinquent than he is a generic nerd. It is a very 2010’s stereotypical look. Andrew received two movies and ended in the most tragic way any Spider-Man in film has ended.

Last in the Line of Live Action is the newest Spier-Man, Tom Holland. Tom’s Spier-Man first made his appearance is Captain America Civil War (2016) where he is said to have been found and recruited by Tony Stark, Iron-Man. Tom gets his first standalone Spider-Man movie a year later in 2017. Tom is the most different Spider-Man in terms of origins. There is no Oscorp in Tom’s universe and any mention of a spider bite is only heard in one line of dialogue. Since this Spider-Man was created for the MCU he was rushed into the verse without time to have a proper introduction. Tom has three Spider-Man films and has appeared in three other MCU films. The style of Toms Peter and Spider-Man reverted back to nerdy and reserved and is in the films the youngest of the three Spider-Man starting out his first movie still in high school, while Tobey and Andrew had graduated in their first. Tom after his latest movie, Far From Home was granted another three standalone movies and will most likely appear in other MCU works. Working theory of mine is that with the events that took place in his latest movie making everyone forget who he is, Tom now has the chance with these three movies to have his own story. No Iron-Man, Thanos, or anything outlandish. These three movies will let Tom’s Spider-Man face his own problems and give him the independence he needs.

One other recent Spider-Man in Sony’s animated Miles Morales. Having one movie and another on the way, His Spider-Man is the most unique but can’t be covered in this article.

Over the years Spider-Man has changed and been adapted time and time again all with their own charm. Spider-Man has become a vessel of story telling and hopefully will continue to have adaptions of movies produced for years to come