Change in the lunch schedule

Lacie Holdren, S Reporter

Hidden Valley High School has had its lunch schedule changed due to Covid and the gym being trashed. There are a lot of reasons I like the new lunch schedule, and reasons I don’t. I have interviewed two teachers and asked them what they think about the new schedule.

The first person I interviewed was Mr. Teague, I asked him a few questions, the first question I asked him was, “Do you like the change in the lunch schedule?” He replied with, “I do not like the new schedule.” He also said that he “understood why they had to do it, to keep the school clean and put less work on the custodial staff.” The second question I asked was, “Do you have to sit with your class during lunch?” He told me that on B days he must sit with his class, and he is having to spread out his class on B days. The last question I asked was, “Do you like how lunch is now 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes?” His response was that he “does not mind it.” He also commented that some teachers that have students that eat in the classroom will give them thirty or forty minutes instead of only twenty.

The second teacher I interviewed was Ms. Karandikar. I asked her three questions as well. The first question was, “Do you think the change in the lunch schedule was good?” She replied saying that “The change was expected and many schools around the county are already doing things like this.” The second question I asked was, “Do you think the change was for the better?” She told me that “time will only tell whether the change was good or not because we have only done it for two weeks.” The last question was, “Why do you think the changed happened?” Her answer was, “There are two reasons: students not respecting their lunch space in the gym and Covid cases rising.”

I have heard from other students that they are going to go on strike to have the lunch switched back to the way it was before. I have also been asked to join the strike but declined so I would not get in trouble.

I hope students learn to go along with the new schedule and not to get in trouble. We need to stay together and work through this time because it has been hard for everyone.