Top 5 gifts for this Christmas

Top 5 gifts for this Christmas

Micah Peay, Staff Reporter

The top 5 Christmas gifts for 2021 are fun and exciting. Christmas gifts are not matched to just one person, but if you need ideas here is the top 5.  

  1. Rings 

Rings are an exceptionally large want along with other jewelry. You can get rings from all prices. Rings are exceedingly popular now; they are incredibly fashionable with any outfit. With all the latest trends going around, rings are definitely a good option.  

     2. Clothes  

You can never have too many clothes. The style is ever changing, and to keep up sometimes new clothes are necessary. Clothes are an immensely popular Christmas gift. While younger children do not look forward to it, it is a needed item. Especially with the new fashion trends, your kids would be so happy to have them.  

      3.New phones  

Electronics are extremely popular these days. With new phones, laptops, TVs etc. coming out, a new phone or watch can be a great gift. If you do not know what to give someone, you can always turn to this section because everyone is bound to want some sort of electronical device. These things also come with accessories like chargers, headphones, air pods etc. the accessories could also be an awesome gift.  


Everyone loves to get this gift. This gift is perfect for any person of any age. From high heels, to sneakers, sandals, and boots there is something for everyone. This gift also matches up very well with clothes. Shoes are a perfect gift because there is always one shoe somebody wants. So, if you are looking for a gift but have no idea, this will make the perfect gift.  


The last one on this list is candy. Candy is a good gift to get people because you can buy them in big packs. Everyone has a favorite candy, so this gift does not just fit one group of people. Candy can be good because there is a variety of flavors and treats to choose from. There is sweet, sour, chocolatey, fruity etc. So, whatever you choose, it is always a good gift.  


All these ideas will work out perfectly for gift giving, so if you choose to give them, anyone receiving these gifts will be grateful. Overall, these are the most popular gifts currently.