Micah Peay, Reporter

People at Hidden Valley High School think the announcements are lengthy. The announcements are long, but Mrs. Newbern has them within the time she was given. She has a total of ten minutes she is allowed to use for announcements because first block classes are ten minutes longer than the rest of the classes, and they usually end within seven minutes. Although the announcements may seem long, they have a fun energy to them.

Students have the option to be on the announcements their senior year and the seniors who do the announcements have the choice of creating their own script or using one Mrs. Newbern supplies. Even though the seniors are given the option of using one of Mrs. Newbern’s scripts, Mrs. Newbern comments, “As long as I write the scripts there going to be corny.”

Throughout the announcements, there are many interesting facts, trivia questions, and important information regarding the school, clubs, or busses. There is also a thirty-second dance break which some people really dislike but for others, including Mrs. Newbern, it’s a favorite.

“The 30 second dance break is annoying and kind of a waste of time,” says Norah Cardon (10).

The student announcers also give reminders at the beginning of the day of how close the other students are to being tarty to their first period each day, which for some is very helpful for getting to class on time. They also do daily weather reports where they tell us the temperature highs and lows of the day. This is helpful for students who walk home or enjoy sitting outside at lunch.

The script the students are given to read is given to them soon before they go on air. This makes it challenging to read sometimes, especially for the students who sing songs for things like the Titan Store each day.

“My favorite part of the announcements is when the students are able to read the script correctly on the first try,” says Mrs. Newbern.

All in all, the announcements may seem extensive, but they are entertaining and an important part of each morning at Hidden Valley High School.