Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl

Jayden Smiley, Reporter

Retro Bowl is the newest obsession of many sports fans this year with its easy mechanics and its replay ability. Developed by New Star Games and released in January of this year, Retro Bowl is the most popular way to kill time with some arcade-game nostalgia.

In Retro Bowl you play as a coach of your preferred NFL team, the start of the game is a tutorial that has a nice touch of being played on the practice field. The mechanics are simple to learn but takes a bit of practice to master.  Retro Bowl is only played on offense, starting with the quarterback like most football games. Before the ball is snapped you have a choice between 3 plays to run, after you select either a passing or throwing play as the QB to throw the ball just pull back on the screen and move side to side to control movements after a successful catch. Running the ball gives you control of your player after the ball is handed over with side-to-side controls. In Retro Bowl all defensive actions are played back to you in script, there’s no option to play your defense. Sadly, the only way to stop the opponent from scoring is to get lucky along with slight advantages to leveling up some key defensive players.

Besides the core gameplay Retro Bowl has many game options to keep players entertained for hours. Fans are a very important element to the game as they serve as your currency, the front office has the option to select and upgrade you offensive and defensive coordinators, higher tier coordinators have special abilities that can help your lesser built players. Draft picks, team morale and salary cap indicators can also be found in the front office. As coach you also have access to the stadium, training facilities, and rehab. Stadium improvement increases your fans and their happiness meaning earning more money, the training and rehab facilities are straight forward with one upgrading and the other to recover from injury. In game you manage twelve players in the usual spots on offense and defense. All players have four attributes that can be leveled; two are specific to their position (throwing strength, and accuracy for QB), and then there is speed and stamina for every other player. To gain players there’s the option to draft, scout, and buy them. Players can be upgraded on a scale of one to five starts and games can be played in one-, two-, or three-minute quarters catering to however long you’d like to play with 3 different difficulty levels.

Retro Bowl has now come and gone along with most trendy mobile games before it. It brought simplicity and strategy together in a great way most games could only dream of.