Top 5 Thanksgiving Sides


Chris Barnes, Reporter

This article consists of my opinions about popular Thanksgiving sides and how often I eat them on Thanksgiving. 


The first dish on this list at number five is stuffing. Stuffing is personally not a favorite of mine but due to how much of a staple it is at Thanksgiving, it must make the list.


Next on the list at number four is corn. This is one of the common foods at any dinner, but due to the many ways you can eat corn and how much my family eats it on Thanksgiving, it makes the list. When asked how he feels about corn at number four, Evan Crane (12th) said, “I like corn, but it is a bit overrated in my opinion.” 


For number three, I have mac and cheese. There is only one way to eat mac and cheese on Thanksgiving and that’s homemade. Homemade mac and cheese can be made by almost anyone no problem and it is always very delicious straight out of the oven. I asked a fellow student and Thanksgiving lover Isaiah Smith (12th) what he thinks about the side, “I believe that Mac and cheese is a top choice at the table, but personally wouldn’t have it unless it is homemade”.


In the second-place spot is cranberry sauce. This sweet, Jell-O like food is another iconic Thanksgiving dish that you see at almost everybody’s table. when asked about his feelings on cranberry sauce on the list, Evan Crane says, “It wouldn’t be at the top of my list, but it is definitely worth mentioning.”


Last but certainly not least, coming in at number one is sweet potatoes. These are my favorite and have remained my favorite since I was little. The taste of the sweet potatoes with the melted marshmallows are a side item you can’t go without. Isaiah Smith would agree with me on this item saying, “Sweet potatoes are so sweet and savory, you can never go wrong with this side.” There are multiple ways to make sweet potatoes, but I prefer them mashed with melted marshmallows and brown sugar.  


Well, to end this off I’d like to say that I hope everyone has/had a great Thanksgiving and enjoys their time with family, friends, and their favorite foods no matter if you agree with my list or not.