Spirit Cup Week

spirit cup battle field

spirit cup battle field

Rita Faltas, Staff Reporter

Hidden Valley High School is finally having a formal Homecoming dance and sprit week after so long without one. Even though Covid is still spreading, administration has found safe ways for students to participate in spirit week while still having fun. “Our seniors’ enthusiasm for focusing on school spirit this year made starting the spirit cup competition an easy decision. I appreciate so much how all our students embraced the competition by participating at a high level in the different homecoming activities that led to the awarding of the spirit cup,” said Josh Whitlow (principal).

This year, spirit week was the week before homecoming and each day there was a different theme. Day 1 Athletes v. Mathletes, Day 2 Country v. Rock, Day 3 Class day, Day 4 Extreme Neon v. Black & white, and Day 5 Extreme Blue and Gold. Grades received points based on how many students from that grade dressed up. The grade that showed the most school spirit by the end of the week was awarded the spirit cup.

The spirit cup was a new addition to spirit week that the school started this year that was awarded at the end of the week to the grade that showed the most spirit. “The students and staff I have talked to tell me we have made real progress where school spirit is concerned thanks, in part, to the activities and friendly competition built into this year’s homecoming. It was awesome to see so many students dressed up each day as well as student leaders taking charge of grade level participation in the homecoming pep rally. Each of those and more contributed to point totals for the spirit cup,” said Josh Whitlow. In order to determine which grade showed the most spirit, teachers would count how many students in their first block class participated from each grade and the teacher would report it to the front office, where they kept the scores. Each student who dressed up for that day gained points for their grade level.

The sprit cup was given to the grade with the most points at the pep rally on Friday. This year’s winners were the Freshman, who had the most people from their grade dress up during the week. The Freshman won the overall spirit cup, but the seniors were named the winners of the pep rally, meaning they cheered the loudest and showed the most school spirit at the pep rally. “I couldn’t be more grateful for the way our students reacted to homecoming activities and appreciate all the participation that led to hundreds of points being awarded to each grade level toward the spirit cup. While the freshman class was cheering its win, the seniors were demanding a recount! It was a simultaneously exciting, hilarious, and proud experience. I cannot wait to see how this new tradition evolves in the coming years and I appreciate our student body’s willingness to follow the lead of our senior class by positively emphasizing school spirit this year,” said Josh Whitlow.

Overall, spirit week was an exciting week for students and teachers to show their school spirit. Hopefully during the next few years, students will continue to participate in spirit week and the sprit cup will become a tradition at Hidden Valley.