Top 5 Thanksgiving Deserts

Lacie Holdren, Reporter

Top 5 Thanksgiving Deserts

Thanksgiving is a holiday that most people celebrate which means there are a variety of desserts around the table, and they all have unique flavors. I thought I would rank my top five Thanksgiving desserts to help you figure out what Thanksgiving dessert you should make this year.

#5 Any type of cookie.

Cookies are great to have because there are so many different types of cookies that could be served, but it seems like most of the time people just buy frozen cookies and put them into the oven, which is not really a homemade dessert and requires little work. Cookies are good but can be made at any time and for any occasion, so a dessert that requires more effort would be better for a Thanksgiving feast.

#4 Jell-O Salad

You can find Jell-o salad around any table at Thanksgiving. Jell-o salad is something that can be made quickly and easily and does not take long to make minus the time it is in the fridge. Jell-o salad has a lot of different flavors and seems to be a dessert that children enjoy, but it is too mushy and lacks good flavors.

#3 Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is a nice dish but is not a dessert that is normally found around Thanksgiving time. It is more of a summer dish. However, banana pudding is creamy and soft, has good flavor, and it takes some time to make, so it is one of the better sweets on the table.

#2 Apple Pie

Apple pie is a dessert I see around a lot of tables and a lot of families have their own apple pie recipes that have been passed down for generations in their family. Apple pie is a traditional dish seen in a lot of in movies and tv shows. It takes a while to make and there is a lot of work and effort put into it, making it one of the best Thanksgiving desserts.

#1 Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is on everyone’s plate at Thanksgiving and is seen in all Thanksgiving shows and movies. It is a very traditional dish that requires a lot of time and effort to make and is almost only found during the fall months. Pumpkin pie has a very soft and creamy texture with a pleasant fall taste which makes it the perfect dish to eat after a Thanksgiving meal.

As Thanksgiving comes closer, people should start thinking what desserts they want to put around the table. There are a lot of other dishes out there, but I picked these because I think they would be the most enjoyable to have after a Thanksgiving meal.