Top 10 Ninjago Villains

Top 10 Ninjago Villains

NInjago Villain

Ninjago Villains

Lacie Holdren, Reporter

Top 10 Ninjago Villains

There were several villains in Lego Ninjago and each one has tried to take over Ninjago for their own benefit.

#10–Samukai. Samukai is the leader of the Skelton army who worked under lord Garmadon for the pilot episodes. Later in the plot, he stole all the golden weapons from the ninjas just so he could bring them to Lord Garmadon. Later, he betrayed Lord Garmadon to keep the weapons for himself, but as he tried to hold all the golden weapons, they killed him because no one person can possess the golden weapons without being killed.


#9–Pythor P. Chumsworth. Pythor was the main villain for season one. He tried to bring back the Great Devourer so he could use it to take over Ninjago. He gathered all the other snake armies to be on his side and control them so he could use the power of all the other serpentine. Pythor manipulated Lloyd to think they were friends but betrayed him. He used all the other serpentine to help him find the fang-blades so he could bring back the Great Devourer. When the Great Devourer came back, he ate Pythor until the Great Devourer was defeated by the ninja. He came back in season three to help the Overlord by telling the Overlord’s army to get to work and to help the Overlord get a physical body back, but later gets sent to jail. He then reappears for the last time in the last two episodes to help the Ninjago with the Anacondrai war and then is never to be seen again.


#8–Great Devourer. The Great Devourer was only there in the last two episodes in season one and never returns. The Great Devourer was brought to life by Pythor who wanted to use him to take over Ninjago. The Great Devourer attacked Ninjago City, destroying multiple buildings, and killing several people, but it was later killed by Lord Garmadon by using all four golden weapons and disappeared without a trace.


#7–Master Chen. Master Chen created a tournament to lure the ninja and the other Elemental Masters so he could steal their powers. Master Chen used a staff to take the powers of the Elemental Masters because they were using them to turn him, his staff, and his workers into Anacondrai snakes to create another Anacondrai war so he could take over Ninjago. He called it the tournament of elements. Master Chen had a right-hand man named Clouse who would help Master Chen eliminate the elemental Masters. He used his own daughter to get the powers back that he stole after his magic staff broke. He tricked the Elemental Masters with noddle trucks, but when the Elemental Masters were chasing the trucks, he was attacking the small town. He was defeated by being sent to the cursed realm. He ends up dying in the cursed realm.



#6—Clouse. Clouse was Master Chen’s right-hand man. He did all the dirty work for Chen. Clouse would use his magic to sabotage the tournament. Clouse was sent to the cursed realm along with Master Chen. Clouse died in the cursed realm ultimately becoming a ghost with Master Chen. He later reappeared in season six at the beginning to find a magical tea pot to bring back a Gen to grant his wishes, but ends up being taken by the Gen. He dies permanently never to be seen again.


#5–Morro, elemental master of wind. Morro is a ghost who escaped the cursed realm as Master Chen and Clouse were being put into the cursed realm. Morro wanted to get revenge on his old teacher for not becoming the Green Ninja. He ran away to find the first Spinjitzu Master’s tomb, but never returned. Morro dies as he is looking for the Spinjitzu Master’s tomb. Morro comes back and possesses Lloyd’s (Green Ninja’s) body so he can find the tomb again and release all the ghost into Ninjago so he can take over Ninjago. He ends up failing and not wining. He permanently dies and hands the realm crystal off to his former master and is never seen again.



#4–Lord/Sensei Garmadon. Garmadon started out as a villain but later turned good. When he was little, he was bitten by the Great Devourer. The Great Devourer turn his blood evil and his heart cold and dark, but he didn’t completely turn evil until later in his life. He got married and had a son. One day the evil in his blood was really starting to take over. He tried to steal the Golden Weapons, but he was stopped by his brother Wu who banished him to the underworld. Garmadon was brought back by his brother to help save his son. Garmadon later betrayed his son and the ninjas to take over Ninjago. He was defeated by his son, who ultimately turned him good.


#3–Princess Harumi/ The quiet one. Princess Harumi also known as the quiet one used her power as princess of the royal family to get close to the ninjas and use the green ninja (Lloyd) and his mother so she could bring Lloyd’s father back to life. However, she wanted to bring back the evil side of him. She used her team to kill her family and trick the ninjas into thinking she was helpless and week. She almost killed Lloyd by drowning him. Harumi used Lord Garmadon to take over Ninjago but was defeated and fell to her death.


#2–The Overlord. The Overlord started out as just a glowing orb that would help Lord Garmadon but in the end, he took over his body to have control over a mortal form. Later in season three, he used Pythor, a temporary right-hand man, to help get Lloyd’s golden power. He had to steal Lloyd’s golden power to create a body from scratch so he could be mortal again. The Overlord fought with the first Spinjitzu Master before he was banished to the dark island. The Overlord was defeated, but he was able to kill the ice ninja as he died. The story is that the green ninja was supposed to defeat him, but the ice ninja did it instead.


#1—Nadakhan. Nadakhan is a gen not a genie. He was imprisoned in a tea pot and could not escape. Nadakhan was imprisoned by a pirate named Soto, who he fought against. Clouse found the tea pot so he could have his own wishes. Nadakhan would grant people wishes, but when they wished for something, they would never get what they wanted because he would twist their words and on their last wish, making them wish it all away. When they would wish it all away, he trapped their bodies and souls in his sword and the more souls he got, the more powerful he was. Nadakhan captured all but two ninjas. He also got Lloyd’s mom and the ninja’s master. He used one ninja named Nya to get ultimate power and ultimate wishes for himself. The other ninja he held captive so he couldn’t stop him. Nadakhan was the leader of a pirate crew that helped him get his power and then betrayed him because he went power mad. He was defeated by having to use his last wish to wish the tea pot was never found.

This was something I had to think hard on, there are so many villains to chose from. Each season had its own villain but some bad guys from other season will come to help the main villain for that season.