Top 5 Halloween Candies

Top 5 Halloween Candies

Chloe Shearer, Staff Reporter

We’ve all been wondering for years, what is the best candy to receive on Halloween? I know everyone has different opinions, but I am thrilled to report that I have your answer. I will be ranking based on how excited I would be to receive it, the taste and texture of the candy, and how quickly I would reach for it in my candy basket.

Number 5 is Kit-Kats. I would be absolutely thrilled to receive this in my basket. Everyone tries to go to the Kit-Kat house on Halloween. The taste and texture rank high, but not on top, on my scale. The Kit-Kat is the perfect size for snapping and biting. It also has a decent chocolate to nougat ratio. I still believe that the candy is bland. The only flavors it introduces are chocolate and nougat, which isn’t enough to compete for top three. I would reach for a Kit-Kat almost immediately from my candy basket. Overall, Kit-Kats are lacking in taste and texture, but exceed expectations in any other category.

Number 4 is Fun Dip. We all know the excitement of a Fun Dip being dropped in your basket, knowing exactly what tasty treat you’ll be savoring later. I easily rank Fun Dip very high on how excited I am to receive it. The taste and texture are absolutely delightful. It’s an experience of the hard stick and the powder mixing in your mouth. I would rank taste and texture high, but I have two complaints. The ratio of powder to stick is never correct, and they take a very long time to eat. These two factors annoy me just enough to bump Fun Dip down the list and move taste and texture to mediocre. I wouldn’t reach for it right away, but only because I know it takes time to eat.

Number 3 is M&Ms. These delectable little chocolate bites are enough to make anyone’s mouth water. The taste and texture rank very high because they crunch perfectly when bit, and the mix of candy coating and chocolate is a delicious and timeless classic. I am very excited upon receiving M&Ms. The biggest downside with M&Ms is that they arrive in a tiny package that doesn’t have nearly enough M&Ms to quench anyone’s taste. For that reason, I wouldn’t reach for them instantly, though I would reach for them quickly.

Number 2 is Snickers. This is when the rankings get good. Snickers are a genius blend of multiple flavors, including nuts, chocolate, caramel, and nougat. This combination is mouthwatering. The experience of biting into a Snickers and getting the textural experience of the nuts, caramel, and nougat mixing can only be described as a blessing. Snickers have incredible mouthfeel and taste, so they score very high in that area. Honestly, Snickers only score second to…

Number 1, Reece’s. Reece’s are the perfectly engineered candy. The peanut butter does a flawless job of balancing the chocolate while still being sweet to feel like a candy and having enough structure to not melt upon contact with a human palm (I’m looking at you M&Ms). The chocolate is the precise thickness of coating, and the cup itself is the perfect size for eating. Reece’s get a 10/10. Thank you for blessing my mouth by being a delectable and textural masterpiece.

I have one honorable mention for you before we leave, candy corn. Candy corn would easily be on this list, but I felt it couldn’t be added because no one receives candy corn on Halloween, not to mention how controversial it is. This controversy is not deserved. They are the perfect size to snack on and fill your mouth with that sweet, artificial flavor. Everyone has a childhood memory of sampling each color of a candy corn to see if they taste different. Even better are the candy corn pumpkins, which are even more perfect for biting into because there is even more candy corn to them. They are the perfect autumnal treat for keeping in the house.

In the end, I’d be thrilled to receive any of these candies, but Reece’s must be determined as the favorite.