Devious Licks


Chris Barnes, Reporter

Another internet trend from Tik Tok, devious licks, have reached our school and some students have decided to participate in this trend. If you haven’t heard of “devious licks” it is when a student enters a school bathroom to steal or vandalize it. This trend has unfortunately hit our school with some students who have decided to steal from our school bathrooms. Not all students have participated in this trend though. In fact, most of the students here at Hidden Valley find this to be an immature trend that is going on to cause drama.

I have interviewed other students on how they feel about this trend, fellow student Dakota Day(12th) said, “In my opinion it is a pointless trend and is just another one of those internet challenges that kids pick up.”

There have been missing soap dispensers and paper towel machines in our school bathrooms, luckily, our school hasn’t been hit with the trend as bad as some other schools. There still have been multiple occurrences though, when asked if he has witnessed a student taking something, Hunter Whittaker (12th) said, “I have seen a student attempting to get a soap dispenser off the wall, but he left as I walked into the stall area.” Hunter didn’t know who the student was, but one might assume the student was caught off guard and left thinking Hunter was going to see.

Now, this trend has died down and there hasn’t been talk about devious licks or stolen bathroom utilities around Hidden Valley and hopefully it will stay that way. It not only gets on the staff’s nerves, but the other students are annoyed by it as well because the bathroom equipment is used and needed by everyone at school.