Titan Store Finally Opens!


Aidan Franklin (grade 12), Hannah Cooper (grade 12), and Fayrin Mitchum (grade 9) working in the school store.

Maya Ghobrial, Reporter

Hidden Valley’s school store has finally opened! During the 2021-2022 school year Mr. Hunt’s school store will be open blocks A3, A5, B4, and B8. Stop by and get some fresh popcorn or a snack to take back to class.

The school store has been open and supplying its students with great snacks for seven years. Students can stop by, with teachers’ permission, and buy a tasty treat. Not only does the store sell snacks, but they also sell Titan merch. All money made by the school store is used to fund many things such as school activities, DECA club, and the marketing department.

Working in the store are some of Mr. Hunt’s DECA volunteers and students. Jayda Donahue (grade 9) said, “It’s a lot of fun working with the people in my class, especially since it helps our goal of running the store more effectively.” She commented that it can be stressful sometimes, but for the most part it is exciting.

Even though Covid has made some adjustments, the school store has been determined to stay open. When asked about the way store volunteers handle food during the pandemic, Jayda expressed, “I personally feel that we have been handling Covid restrictions as best we can. When touching food, we have to wear gloves and keep our masks on to ensure that we keep not only our customers safe, but each other as well.”

To these students, the school store is a great way to learn basic life skills such as communication and how to deal with customers. She stated, “It will definitely help me to be more comfortable and confident in a work environment. I feel that it has already helped me with customer service. It has also taught me how to handle conflicts or questions customers might have.”

Mr. Hunt has overseen our school store for all seven years it has been open. He says his favorite thing about working with his students in the store is, “them getting experience, and watching them grow and learn, and preform good customer service.” When asked what he thought about his students handling food during the pandemic his response was, “With everyone wearing gloves and masks there shouldn’t be a problem at all.” He stated that if Covid cases do rise, they will keep the store open regardless. They may just have to modify procedures and maybe even go back to the way they did things last year.

Mr. Hunt and his students are trying their very best to prevent the spread of Covid and still provide snacks for the school. Make sure to support the school store by buying a Titan t-shirt and some popcorn! No matter what difficulties Covid brings around, the school store is still a wonderful edition to our school.