Labor Day Weekend Plans

Students are looking forward to the long weekend.

Students are looking forward to the long weekend.

Shreya Madan, Reporter

Five day in person weeks have been exciting and tiring for students and staff at Hidden Valley; a three-day weekend is a welcome break, and some have fun plans for the Labor Day holiday. From finishing homework to soccer tournaments, the long weekend is full of different events for everyone.

“I have a soccer tournament to go to in North Carolina,” shared Maebal Blandford (11).

Others are just planning to relax at home.

“I’m probably going to stay at home with my family,” said Esther Kim (11).

With five day in person weeks, the long weekend is a nice change many are ready for.

“Coming to school five days a week has been a big readjustment compared to last year. It has put back normalcy and structure into my life, even though at times, I miss having Wednesdays off and not having to wake up super early every morning,” Maebal explained.

“It’s tiring to come to school five days a week, but it is nice since I actually get to learn. Long weekends more often would be nice though,” Esther added.

Overall, everyone seems ready for Labor Day weekend and the extra day of rest they’ll get from it.

“I am very excited for this long weekend. I’m already so exhausted from school, and I’m relieved I get to go play soccer, have fun, and then relax,” said Maebal.

Remember to stay safe and have fun this long weekend!