Mrs. Kessler Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Kessler Teacher Spotlight

Jayden Smiley and Carson Wood

Now that school is back to a normal schedule, teachers can teach their classes and students can interact in the classroom as they did before. Many students are excited to see Mrs. Kessler again as she is looked at as a very popular teacher here.

“The reason I became a teacher is because of one of my teachers, and it’s kind of cool because I’ve taught 38 years and I have had several students become teachers,” said Lois Kessler, head of the English department.

Lots of teachers have a favorite part of teaching is being able to help students grow in their studies, inspire them, or influence their life even to the point where they pursue a career in a study that their favorite teacher taught.

“Talking to the students is my favorite part about teaching,” said Lois Kessler.

Last year was a difficult school year for both the students and the teachers. Mrs. Kessler spoke about how she intends to carry over some of her teaching strategies from last year into this year.

“All of the online stuff, creating links in blackboard to take students to assignments was really helpful last year,” said Mrs. Kessler.

This is the first year for many students having Mrs. Kessler as their English teacher. As a teacher that loves talking to students, anyone lucky enough to have Mrs. Kessler this year is in for an incredibly fun and interesting class.