Teacher Feature: Mrs. Sherman

Mrs. Sherman, is a Chemistry teacher at Hidden Valley High School

Mrs. Sherman, is a Chemistry teacher at Hidden Valley High School

Shreya Madan, Reporter

Starting a new school year with a five day in person schedule has been different for everyone, including Mrs. Sherman (Science teacher at Hidden Valley) who shared her thoughts on how she feels about this year as well as how she’s approaching it.

“I feel excited and exhausted at the same time! I really enjoy seeing my students though, it’s nice being able to have that interaction,” she expressed.

Seeing her students again has been one of Mrs. Sherman’s favorite things so far.

“Seeing my students and being able to do an entire lab in class has been wonderful,” she shared.

When it came to things that were more difficult to adjust to this year, having to wear masks was a bit of a disappointment to Mrs. Sherman, but she is glad that the right decisions were made.

“Going back to masks was a bit of a letdown but I’m glad we did; I think it was a good move. It would have been nice not to have to wear them, but I appreciate the support of the school board. Making that decision was a hard one, and I think it was the best one they could have made,” she said.

This year Mrs. Sherman is teaching two types of classes that are structured differently.

“I’m teaching AP and college bound Chemistry this year. My AP and college bound are very different. College bound is flipped, we’ve been doing flipped mastering for the first year in collegebound Chemistry since 2010,” she explained.

A flipped classroom is a type of blended learning which aims to increase student engagement by having them complete readings at home and work on problem-solving during class time.

Some fun facts about Mrs. Sherman are that her favorite color is blue and favorite animal is a horse.

“I would’ve said dogs are my favorite animal, but then my cat would’ve felt bad,” she joked.

Overall Mrs. Sherman is excited for the new school year and ready to tackle any challenges it throws at her.