Spotlight on Newbern


Mrs. Newbern

Mrs. Newbern a History and Psychology teacher at Hidden Valley High School was inspired to enter the teaching profession by one of her high school teachers at Cave Spring High School. 

Newbern declared, “The LaRocco experience was so amazing; he made me want to become a teacher even though I had always wanted to be a marine biologist.” 

Joe LaRocco was a beloved Government and U.S. History teacher and track coach in Roanoke County, who sadly passed away earlier this year.   

Mrs. Newbern, who self-admittedly is more of a science person, has been teaching for 27 years. 

“I enjoy history for the ever-changing concept of it. I also teach psychology for the scientific part that goes along with it,” said Newbern.   

During her 27 years teaching, she has made it a directive to positively impact and inspire her students.   However, she realizes that she could have never done this without her family’s love and support. 

“My family know that a trip to the grocery store could take hours, because I could end up seeing a student and engage in a long conversation.  Though, that is what teaching is about.”