Band is Back

A sampling of band instruments

A sampling of band instruments

Laney Havens and Chloe Shearer

Teaching in Covid is difficult, but never impossible for Mr. Galyen, the band director at Hidden Valley. He has given us an inside look at teaching during the pandemic and how his teaching is affected during Covid. 

Mr. Galyen oversees a wide range of subjects. He teaches Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Music Theory, Jazz Band, and he assists with the eighth-grade band at Hidden Valley Middle School. Galyen says, “Teaching so many classes does make planning a little more difficult, butyou just have to do what you have to do so that every class gets what they need.” 

Last year, every class was affected by Covid, but performance-based classes, such as band, were arguably the hardest hit. This year there are still guidelines that according to Galyen, “Sound silly, but they are necessary.” 

Band students must wear a mask with a hole cut in it or use a mask with a flap, so it closes when a student is done playing.  

Galyen says, “The idea is that it (the mask) would block some of the aerosols that come from the corners of your mouth where it meets the mouthpiece.” 

Mr. Galyen has taught middle school and high school students, as well as parenting an elementary schooler, so he has experience teaching kids of many different ages.  

He says, “I can see the progression in different ways, whether it’s academically or [in their] maturity. So, you can see where everyone’s coming from as they get older.” 

Teaching band is difficult enough without Covid restrictions, but Mr. Galyen is still committed to making band a safe and enjoyable learning experience amongst a pandemic.