Strange Spring Sports Schedule


Sarah Thomson, Reporter

Students at Hidden Valley High School will be experiencing changes in their Spring sports 2021 schedule. Coronavirus has certainly thrown a wrench into the normal schedule of school and its events, but spring sports are another story.

Many are bothered by this sudden change and feel cheated out of their last season being canceled because of the Covid outbreak. Volleyball player Shae Torrence, (9) said, “These changes are bad in my opinion. We play quite a few less teams than last year. We miss out on playing many close teams like Northside and Byrd.”

All sports this year were pushed back this year even by a whole two seasons! Jordan Sherry, (9) said, “The official date of my first lacrosse practice has been pushed back along with my games.” Football is a fall sport but had just started this spring, along with many others including Volleyball and Cross Country. Hopefully next year things will return back to normal.