Four Days Excitement or Dread?

Four Days Excitement or Dread?

Ruby Kasmer, Reporter

March 22,2021 students are returning to Hidden Valley High four days a week and there are some mixed feelings about it. Of course, it is important students are coming to school to be able to learn and get the proper education. Since 2020 students and teachers have adjusted and have become more accustomed to online learning and many people want to keep it that way.

One student who loved the hybrid schedule is Risa Dragovich (10). She commented, “I’m not excited about going to school because I have gotten used to the hybrid schedule.”. Many students have gotten into the nice routine of waking up early twice a week and working on their own the rest of the week. Some of the students at Hidden Valley have even gotten used to never coming in and managing their schoolwork on their own. Many students are enjoying working at their own pace and taking breaks when they want.

On the other hand, some students are excited at going back four days a week. Sydney Bobo (10th) says, “I’m looking forward to going back to school four days a week. I do better in my classes when I’m able to have in-person learning and I’m excited to see my friends who are in the other group.” As we go through the last quarter of school with many people in-person we will hopefully start to see a little more of the previous normal. With less distance there will hopefully be an increase in communication. Also, students will ease back into the schedule of coming in-person most of the week.

Sydney also said, “I’m hoping that the four-day schedule will be easier and less stressful for both teachers and students.”. This statement is agreeable with a lot of people. With less blackboard glitches, submissions online, and platforms to complete assignments on, things should start to get simpler. Students will be able to sit in class and learn. They will be able to communicate with their teachers their needs. Teachers will be able to help students and contact them when they need to.

All in all, the transition to four days a week will hopefully be a positive change. It will give everyone a more normal feel, even if we are still wearing masks. While, it will be hard and unusual from what we have gotten into the routine of this year it should be a positive change and a step closer to fully back and normal.