Changes to Homecoming and Prom

Changes to Homecoming and Prom

Madeline Hippeard, Sports Editor

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many things around Hidden Valley have changed. These changes include not only changes in everyday school life, but in extracurriculars and events such as homecoming and prom. Unfortunately, students this year never got a proper homecoming game and will not have a proper prom. However, teachers have worked to create the Titan Court and the Senior Gala to substitute for these events.

Titan Court is essentially what a normal homecoming court would be. Ballots were posted online for students to vote and the winners were selected per usual. However, when the court was announced at the HVHS vs Salem football game, only the king and queen were present and allowed onto the field.

Senior Gala is quite different from a normal prom, instead of a dance, it is a sit-down dinner including a silent auction and a selfie station. The Senior Gala is $35 per person and is located at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood. The ticket includes the meal, 21 raffle tickets for the silent auction, and the selfie station previously mentioned. Students can also participate in the Virtual Titan Game Face for $10. The Virtual Titan Game Face is the replacement for after prom, and every student who participates will win a prize.

The reactions to both the Titan Court and Senior Gala have been mixed. Some students are just happy that they can have at least something in replace of the normal homecoming court and prom. While some students believe these new events are silly. Regardless of their opinions, the teachers and administrators have worked very hard to give seniors something relatively normal in a not so normal school year.