Holiday Foods


Shreya Madan, Editor

Everybody has that one dish they look forward to seeing on the table during the holiday season. For some its desserts and pies while others prefer savory foods. Many people have long lasting traditions behind the unique foods they prepare for the holiday season, including some students at Hidden Valley!

“Some of my favorite holiday foods are pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes with gravy, and roasted chicken,” listed Simran Laminchane (10), “These foods are staples in my home at holiday dinners.”

Others indulge in takeout for their festive meals.

“My favorite holiday refreshments are candy canes and gingerbread,” said Aanandi Parashar (9), “My family sometimes gets Chick-fil-a or subway during the holidays as well.”

Some people also enjoy the cooking process and helping out in the kitchen.

“I like helping my parents make the dishes, I can’t make them myself yet since I don’t know how to make some foods, but I’m definitely learning,” Simran shared.

Along with special dishes, gingerbread houses are a common occurrence in many homes.

“Building a gingerbread house is an event that takes place every holiday season in my home; we set up a tray with candy to decorate,” explained Aanandi.

Along with delicious meals, there are many holiday drinks that people love sipping by the fireplace during the colder months.

“I love to drink hot chocolate during the winter, it’s one of my favorite warm drinks,” Simran mentioned.

Many families even have the most random but fun festive traditions that have taken place in their household for years.

“My family once got Chick-fil-a at an airport during the holidays and we’ve been eating Chick-fil-a around that time ever since!” Aanandi recalled.

Overall food is a major part of our holiday culture and numerous different traditions. Everyone has their favorites and those add a little extra excitement to the holidays and make them even more special for everyone to remember.