Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World

Ruby Kasmer, Reporter

Did you know that in Ukraine people decorate their Christmas trees with spiderwebs? That sounds totally crazy, but also cool! We all have fun, family traditions that we get to plan for and celebrate. Reese Bradbury (9th) said a tradition they have is, “waking up early to open presents together.”. People celebrate Christmas with different tradition’s all over the world.

The tradition in Ukraine with spiderweb’s goes back to a story about a widow and her children. One day a pinecone from their tree dropped. The children were ecstatic about the thought of a Christmas tree growing. The family was very poor and couldn’t decorate their tree. That night they went to bed with no decorations on this new tree. The spiders heard the sobs of the children and spun these webs on the tree. It looked beautiful. As the sun came up each web it touched turning into silver and gold. Ukrainians still do this to remember good luck and fortune.

In the Philippines they have a different type of tradition. Instead of a way to decorate their tree they have a festival. It is called the Giant Lantern Festival. It is held on Christmas Eve in the city of San Fernando (sometimes called “the Christmas Capital of the Philippines”). Eleven villages compete in the festival. Each village works together to build the most elaborate lantern. People from all around the globe visit to see this event in action.

Colombia also has a tradition involving light. It is called Day of the Little Candles and marks the start of the Christmas season. It honors Mary and the Immaculate Conception. People place candles and paper lanterns in their homes. Wouldn’t it be so cool to see that? A town full of lights and paper art?

In Toronto they also have a day to mark the official holiday season. The Cavalcade of Lights started in 1967 when Toronto was going to show off the City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square. It has now become a tradition where lights cover the town. There are also fireworks lighting up the night!

In Germany people have a small celebration December 6th  called St. Nicholas Day. Franziska Borneff (9th) celebrates this each year. She said, “We leave our boots out and in the morning they are filled with German Chocolates and candy.”. That sounds like a delicious tradition!

Advents can be a pretty popular tradition for everyone, but it is done a little differently in Switzerland. Switzerland families like to make their own advent calendars. They fill it with small surprises for each day. Christmas Eve always has the biggest gift.

In Japan, Christmas isn’t a national holiday. Still, people have found a way to celebrate. They like to go get some Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner instead of the traditional turkey. This all started after there was an ad “Kentucky for Christmas”.

Christmas is celebrated so differently all around the world. From spiderwebs on the tree to KFC for Christmas dinner Christmas is a special time for everyone. Maybe this year you could find a new tradition to start!