Black Friday in a Pandemic


Shreya Madan, Student Life Editor

Black Friday shopping will differ from the norm of crowded malls and jam-packed stores this year and is predicted to be predominately online. Black Friday is a favorite of many people due to the cheap prices and amazing deals, but most are all already used to making online purchases from previous years and prefer it that way.

“I usually make purchases online and would prefer Black Friday being more online in the future, it’s just easier,” stated Ann Marie Thorell (10).

Online shopping is also seen as safer by many in terms of the pandemic.

“I feel like it’s safer for the public and is helping the pandemic not spread,” commented Seeya Patel (10).

There are many different items people look for on Black Friday, but many go for products that are usually more expensive.

“I mostly look for beauty products and electronics, I also shop for clothes and perfume,” Seeya mentioned.

Others don’t really consider Black Friday as a big deal and may make a couple of small purchases.

“I don’t normally buy many things on Black Friday, but I might get a couple things online this year,” said Ann Marie.

There are people, however, who take part in Black Friday every year and this year is no exception.

“I will take part in Black Friday online if I find something I like,” said Seeya.

Overall Black Friday is a great time for people to buy usually expensive items at reasonable prices and the mainly online portion this year will make shopping easier for many people.