Where’s the Spirit Titans?


Kaitlyn Dillon, Current Events Editor

Hidden Valley High School students had a hard time finding their spirit for this years Red Ribbon Week. In an attempt to regain normalcy in this difficult time of Covid learning, Hidden Valley hosted a school spirit week in hopes of living up the dreary school year. Although, this attempt went unnoticed by most due to the lack of participation from the students. 

In the past Hidden Valley’s spirit weeks have had a vast amount of participation and are frequently looked forward to by students. Student’s anticipation for the week grows each year due to the ability to express themselves and show a more creative side that typically goes unnoticed in the average school day.  

 Though this year that was not case. There was a drastic decrease in participation in this year’s school spirit week leaving staff to question where the student’s spirit has gone. This could be an affect of the new reality that Covid-19 has provided us with, but what if it is something else.  

When asking Ms. Atkins (English Teacher) what she expected out of students this year while planning spirit week, she stated, “We didn’t expect a lot of participation as some students are still adjusting to coming to school.” She further went into explain that the student council was unable to decorate for this year’s event as a result of CDC guidelines, which also took a toll on the occasion 

Some might blame the lack of participation this year on the lack of advertising around the school for the event. Many students weren’t even aware we were having a spirit week. When asking Grayson Odenwelder (11) if he participated this year he said, “No I didn’t, I wasn’t aware it was happening, but if I knew then I would have participated.”  

Although school spirit at Hidden Valley seems to be dwindling at this moment, there will come a time when the students regain the pep in their step. Ms. Atkins explained that she believes once sports are in season, Hidden Valley will regain its spirit saying, “Sports coming back will definitely help, but I think if the staff would also get involved, we would really be full of spirit here.” 

Overall, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for students and staff at Hidden Valley to remain their typically cheery selves, but the Titan’s will continue to push through and be back to normal in no time.