Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Cameron Price, Reporter

While winter approaches, RCPS has left many students wondering how snow days will be dealt with.  

Every now and then students need a break, especially when they are taking multiple college courses,” Fox Harbert (12) said. “The snow days allow student to have a break and enjoy the weather, rather than being inside on their computers the whole day,” continued Harbert.  

Every year Roanoke County gains several snow days, in which the students do not need to show up to school, and this causes many problems with the flow of learning. This has led many people to wonder how the county will deal with these snow days amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.    

I can understand it somewhat, but I think a snow day should be a snow day,” Wyatt Forney (12) said. “I get wanting to move school along, but it would be nice to have a day off.” 

The current plan the county is implementing would make it so that the students would transfer to online work, much like work the online students have been doing, opposed to taking the day off on snow days.