Tips For Surviving And Being Successful in Online School

Tips For Surviving And Being Successful in Online School

Ruby Kasmer, Reporter

Feeling overwhelmed with navigating school online? With all the work and new expectations school can be a hard adjustment. Luckily, we have put together a list of tips we have found helpful to guide you!

The first and most important tip is to stay in contact with your teachers. When asked if she thought students did better online or in-person Mrs. Lewis (HVHS Teacher) said she felt students “did better with all in-person school”.  Stating that she’s had some students who she “has heard from only once or twice”. As an online student I have found that writing emails and attending check-ins helps tremendously! By staying in contact with you teacher you are able to get the help you need, getting the important due dates, and class material.

The next tip is to make a weekly schedule. Shae Torrence (9th) suggests to “Make lists of what you need to do for the week.” Explaining, that to-do lists help to motivate her and keep her organized.” By keeping all the to do items in one place you are better see what needs to be done and by when. Also be sure to include your class check-ins and meetings. I have found that setting alarms before a meeting has helped me log in on time.

Next, I have found that turning assignments in a few days early can be a huge lifesaver. By turning in work ahead of time has saved me from late nights and stressing out. Whether online or in class this is a good tip to get any extra help allowing the teacher to look over the work and give suggestions you may need.

Another tip that can help you to be successful online is creating a space for yourself. By having an area where you keep your schoolwork and supplies, you will be more efficient. It doesn’t have to be a large area. Just a place to keep post-it’s, markers, books where you can be organized and keep focused. Also, it might be a good idea to keep distractions, like a phone, in a different area.

The last tip that can help you be efficient with online school is to take breaks. Sitting down at the computer for long periods of time can make it hard to focus. These can include taking breaks to go outside, get a snack, or even just walk around your house to stretch.

Online school is a unique experience that can be challenging. However, by creating good habits school can become much less stressful. With just a few changes it is easy to be successful! As an added bonus these tips will open your schedule to fit in other activities.