The Balance of SAT Testing with COVID-19

SAT Testing with COVID-19

SAT Testing with COVID-19

Kallie Vaughn, Reporter

High school students and colleges in the United States during the 2020-2021 school year are balancing out SAT testing while dealing with the coronavirus.

Due to the current state of the pandemic, schools have had to change a few of their curriculums and policies to make sure people stay safe and COVID cases do not spike. This includes SAT testing with colleges. Colleges and students are going through the new and unexpected processes of this school year with the virus.

SAT scores are important to colleges because they help with comparing students from different high schools, and they show student’s strengths and weaknesses with schoolwork. Some schools are still requiring scores, even during the age of coronavirus, but some are not.

If a student is expecting to apply to a college that requires the test to be taken, they must wear protective face covering and will be socially distanced at their testing center.

Student Jaiden Dragoo (11) said, “Testing should not be going on this year because we are in a national pandemic trying to stay alive, keep our mental health in check, and fighting for our rights at the same time.”

Testing is different for everyone, and the coronavirus is new to everyone so there are many different opinions floating around on this topic.

Student Robert Lewis (12) said, “I think that testing does put more students at a high risk of being exposed, because some students are carrying the virus without knowing.”

While some colleges are not making students take the SAT to prevent more cases of the coronavirus, some are still requiring scores. Just like the rest of 2020, people are filled with a whirlwind of different feelings and reactions.