School is Keeping Up With COVID

School is Keeping Up With COVID

Sarah Arner, Reporter

COVID-19 has made for an interesting start to the 2020 school year with students learning through hybrid and online options; but despite these changes, students at Hidden Valley High School have been working hard to adapt.

Most years the first nine weeks of school goes by the slowest, but this year has gone by fast for most students. Franziska Borneff (9) said, “I think the first nine weeks went by much faster this year compared to others because we aren’t going to school each day.” Although the year is flying by, trying to adapt to these new learning techniques seems to be having an impact on student’s grades. Franziska commented, “This year has been more stressful than regular school for me. It has been much harder to keep up with all my assignments, which has had a negative effect on my grades.”

The new learning methods have had both positive and negative impacts on students and teachers. Franziska said, “I enjoy how the learning style this year is much more flexible;” she continued, “however, I do think it is much easier to procrastinate due to the changes.”

In addition to the learning modifications, students also must keep in mind that school can be a high-risk environment to contract the coronavirus even though the administrators and staff are doing everything they can to prevent this. Sophie Stringer (9) said, “The virus is always in the back of my mind when I go to school, but I feel like the schools have done well with keeping us safe.”

Teachers are trying to figure out the best accommodations for online and hybrid learning. Sophie commented, “I think WebEx is a great tool, but very few teachers are taking advantage of it.” She continued, “I am not sure how much better the school could have set this up, but sometimes I feel that I would learn more if the entire school was fully online.”

The first nine weeks was a learning experience for everyone. Hopefully moving forward there will be more convenient ways for students to learn and teachers to teach. With technology advancing, more ways might become available for students and teachers to communicate with each other. Overall, everyone is doing their best to get the hang of the new learning options and taking advantage of the online resources we have.