The Debate Team


Shreya Madan, Editor

Like many other activities, Debate is going to be different for students at Hidden Valley High this year due to coronavirus concerns. There is still a lot of uncertainty on how the team is going to run, but Mrs. Ebel and the team captains Liala Sofi and Charlotte Miller are working towards making it happen.

“We really aren’t one hundred percent sure about anything,” said Liala Sofi (12), “we’re hoping to start up meetings soon, but no clubs have started so we don’t know yet.”

There are still discussions happening with the team captains and Mrs. Ebel on new considerations and procedures that will have to be followed.

“Liala and I are talking about getting approval to hold meetings and we’re talking about putting together mini-debates and filming them over zoom to put on our Instagram, if we can find willing participants,” explained Charlotte Miller (12).

Whether or not competitions will take place is also in the question.

“I don’t know what competitions are going to look like or if we’ll even have any,” mentioned Charlotte (12).

The team is still on the lookout for more participants to join this year.

“Liala was trying to get some middle schoolers involved in debate too, but that may not happen this year for obvious reasons,” said Charlotte (12).

The debate team is slowly but surely making progress with all the challenges its been facing this year and they’re also looking for more participants. If you want a fun and unique experience along with improving your speaking skills, be sure to see Mrs. Ebel, Liala, or Charlotte to join the team!