Post Halloween

Post Halloween

Emma Bryant, Reporter

Formerly inviting houses that gave out candy to kids of all ages, will have their lights turned off and doors shut this Halloween due to the severity of COVID outbreaks across America.

The streets are filled with contactless bowls full of candy for the children to take on their own. The honor system is very crucial this year for the trick or treating to run smoothly.

Christopher Gindlesperger, who is a spokesman for the National Confectioners Association, a trade group for candy makers, stated “Some strategies for safer trick-or-treating include: leaving baskets of candy outside your home; having kids wear gloves and carry hand sanitizer; and keeping parties and other gatherings outdoors and socially distanced. You could set out pool noodles or other markers, so children have visual markers for the prescribed six feet of distance,” she suggested. “And while you don’t need to sanitize each candy wrapper, you should make sure your hands are clean before eating any sweets,” Dr. Ghosh said.

Although this years’ Halloween may look very different than other years past, America has made the most out of the tough situation. We found ways to work around the rules and guidelines presented by the C.D.C. Hopefully everyone has stayed safe this past weekend and will continue to stay positive throughout this unprecedented time.