2020: A Socially Distanced Halloween


Ruby Kasmer, Reporter

A lot has been different about 2020, including our approach to Halloween; however, there are many ways to have a fun and almost normal night. Many Hidden Valley students are already coming up with different and new ways to celebrate! Maebel Blandford (10th) said, while she is “extremely disappointed” she “will try to make the most of it.” If we want to have fun festivities, we will have to have a similar attitude and come up with more creative ways to celebrate our favorite October holiday. The good news is a lot of our favorite, traditional activities can be done in a socially distanced way! Activities that can make Halloween feel normal include outdoor movie nights, pumpkin carving over zoom, outdoor parties with family and a small group of close friends, or even a zoom Halloween bake-off.

Outdoor movie nights are a lot of fun and can be really exciting with a scary or Halloween themed movie. All that would be needed is a projector, a screen/sheet, the perfect park or house, and tasty snacks. If you don’t have a projector don’t worry! Disney Plus, Netflix, and other movie platforms now have a fun way to communicate with friends while watching a movie and being in your homes. This is also a perfect way to include friends and family members who live far away.

Another socially-distanced idea that can be done in individuals’ homes is pumpkin carving or a bake-off competition on zoom! Spice up the bake-off by making a spooky, festive Halloween treat! These are also perfect for long distance family and friends.

Franziska Borneff (9th) offered the idea of involving young siblings or kids in the neighborhood by hosting a, “Halloween costume competition or a scavenger hunt” around your neighborhood. What an awesome way to include younger kids and make sure they too have a fun night! Buying decorations like pumpkins, spiders, candy, and hiding these around the neighborhood would be a great way to have a Halloween theme for the scavenger hunt.

Even though a lot of things have and will have to be modified this year we still can create memorable experiences. Halloween doesn’t have to be cancelled or limited to being at home by-yourself. Use some of these ideas or your own to make it a different, but special and safe holiday!