Valentine’s Day places to visit

Valentine's Day places to visit

Koltyn Virden and Shreya Madan

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it can be hard to decide when and where to take your loved one.  

There are many different places to take your loved one. You could spend time with them at your local restaurant or take a trip overseas. 

Going to France is a great place to start. You could have a romantic dinner cruise on the Seine River. This romantic cruise offers a three course French meal along with breath-taking views oParis engulfed in beautiful lights. It would also be a great opportunity to watch a Cabaret if you don’t want to get all mushy with your loved one. 

“I would like to go to Singapore, or maybe Australia with a loved one, because there’s things to do.” says Neha Karandikar, a Chemistry Teacher. 

Another option is the bustling but beautiful city of New York. New York offers many activities for you and your loved one such as ice skating at The Rockefeller Rink (a common place for proposals), or a romantic stroll through Central Park after a delicious dinner at one of New York’s many amazing restaurants. New York City is also famous for its spectacular Broadway Shows. Enjoy the night watching one with that special person.  

“If I got the chance, I would love to go to New Zealand. My Valentine’s day went perfectly, quiet and peaceful.” shared Mrs. Patton, front office secretary. 

These are just some suggestions to consider when finding a place that you would both love to visit. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!