Mattie MIller, Reporter

The seniors of Hidden Valley High School are experiencing a severe case of senioritis during the 2020 spring semester. Senioritis is a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school. During the final year of high school students tend to lack enthusiasm towards their school work. Procrastination in student worsens, causing rising frustration levels in teachers.

“The biggest effect of senioritis on me is mainly me not wanting to go to school most days,” said Aubrey Hodges (12).

Most students who previously turned in work consistently and weren’t as prone to procrastination in their work. Slowly become more prone to experiencing the effects of senioritis. Often times the mentality of many students is ‘I’ve already been accepted into college it doesn’t matter.’ Grades often drop from this idea and students are under the impression that their senior year grades don’t matter.

“I am usually am a very productive student but recently I’ve had to push myself hard to get my work in,” said Chelynn Hairston (12).

Teachers tend to get very frustrated with seniors who don’t put their full effort into their work. The class environment changes as well students become less serious during lessons and mess around in class. Attendance drops which leads to students falling behind and missing important lessons and/or projects. Which makes teaching harder when students aren’t all on the same pace with work. Overall the main group affected by senioritis is the senior class but it also has the ability to effect teachers as well.