Presidents Day

Presidents Day

Shreya Madan, Reporter

With Presidents Day approaching many people have different ways of celebrating those that have led our country. Presidents Day is meant to honor George Washington and all the presidents of the U.S. It became a federal holiday in 1879. This year some students and teachers had Presidents Day off.

“I think that not having Presidents Day off at Hidden Valley High School was the right decision, Presidents Day is not that important to me, I believe schools don’t have to close just for that,” said Julia Chen, a freshman.

Some people don’t really celebrate Presidents Day but instead just take a moment to honor previous Presidents and their accomplishments.

“I don’t really celebrate Presidents Day, I just acknowledge that it is the holiday,” said Chen.

Many people also have varying opinions on Presidents Day and its importance.

“I don’t think the day is truly important because we celebrate the official creating of America on the Fourth of July and that includes celebrating all the presidents, but I do believe it is important to celebrate accomplishments of presidents,” said Olivia Tingle, a freshman. “I do think we should have gotten the day off if other schools did though,” Tingle admitted.

Overall, this holiday isn’t considered a big deal at Hidden Valley but take a few moments to appreciate presidents and their accomplishments this Presidents Day.