Cheap Prom Ideas


Mubeen Nisar, Staff Reporter

Prom is coming up soon, with March 21st quickly approaching, students are looking to work out the details. Most students don’t want to spend a big sum of money, so they want to have some cheap ideas. With costs such as dresses, suits, transport, and food; students want to have the best experience while not spending too much.
Prom dresses for girls can be very pricey, sometimes upwards of 500 dollars. Some more cost effective options could be ones like thrifting at Goodwill or using apps like Depop or Poshmark. Alternatives like this allow for students to find dresses which go with their taste and won’t cost too much.
Guys have the option of either renting or thrifting for their suits as well. With the option of renting, one can go into one of the various shops around town and get high quality suits, use them for the night, and return it all for a cheaper price than what the cost of purchasing a suit would be. Thrifting could also allow one to get a suit and have it to reuse later.
For transport and food there are many options which could be more cost effective. Carpooling would be the best option in terms of money because everyone in a certain group can be in one or two cars and it would save gas money. For food a group could make food at home, go to fast food places, or cafes which would all save money compared to restaurants.