Black History Month at Hidden Valley


Madison West, Reporter

The month of February marks the beginning of Black History Month. Black History Month serves as a commemoration for Civil Rights Activists, abolitionists, and many more. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman are just a few examples. It serves as a reminder of the racial injustice brought forth by unfair treatment of black people throughout time. Here at Hidden Valley High School many teachers and students commemorate these heroes in various ways.  

“To me it means celebrating and recognizing culture, heritage, and life created by Black-American history. History, regardless of race and culture, can sometimes be hidden or forgotten, and this month is dedicated out of the year to commemorate our country’s roots,” Chelynn Hairston (12). 

There are many faces recognized as heroes during this month. Whether it be refusing to give up a seat on the bus, a moving speech, or touching music, these people play an important role in our society. 

“The black Civil Rights activist that inspires me the most is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Though he is among the most popular, I believe it is for a very good reason; his impact on minority communities and the rest of the country. Ella Baker and Rosa Parks are also very important to me because not only are they black, but they’re also powerful females. Throughout history, even in modern situations, women have faced unfair advantages. When faced with these challenges, these two women showed courage and fearlessness,” Said Chelynn Hairston (12). 

It is crucial to remember the sacrifices made by our African American heroes in order to gain equality that is still being fought for in our society today. During February we celebrate and honor black history.