Singing Valentines


Conversation hearts, an ideal present for the perfect valentines date.

Sophia Clemmer, Reporter

This upcoming Valentine’s day, the Hidden Valley High School Choir is fundraising by selling singing valentines. Students are given an opportunity during all lunch periods to purchase a valentine and fill out a form with specific requests and information. Participants can choose a song, a card reading, a flower, and other specific details within their purchase.

“I think it’s a really cool way of raising money for the choir. This way of raising money for our program is a really positive thing that we’re doing,” said Jake Dellinger, a senior at Hidden Valley. Dellinger has been a member of the choir for several years and has never participated in a fundraiser like this one.

“We have a lot of different song choices,” explains Jeddy Dawson, another senior at Hidden Valley High School. “Every song has a different group of choristers who have prepared and practiced their parts, so the participant’s song choice determines which group you get.”

For only five dollars, students can support the High School choir and send their valentine a direct or anonymous message of their affection.