Working retail during the holiday season

Mattie MIller, Reporter

People know the experience of getting last minute Christmas gifts but most people have never had to go through the struggle of working in retail during holidays. This is my first year working during the Holiday season. I work in a department store called Hamrick’s, where they offer a wide array of goods, anything ranging from clothing to As Seen on TV products. Usually the store is pretty busy during the early afternoon, the busiest day being Saturday. People flock in and buy carts full of clothing, home décor, and the countless other products we sell. Our most popular merchandise we sell would be our My Pillows and in close second, our Weighted Blankets.

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, the store is swarming with eager customers and it calms down around seven or eight most days, but still a steady stream of customers, which in comparison to the long lines to the back of the store, is much less stressful. For me personally, I enjoy the constant line of customers because it keeps me busy. People, however, can be very rude to workers at my job. A majority of customers quarrel with cashiers and sales associates over the prices of items. This has to be the most stressful part of the job although most customers tend to be understanding about things but there are always those few customers that can ruin a workday. The biggest stressor along with customers is the store in general a lot of times when we are slammed until the end of the night we end up with a lot of goods to put away. Most times departments handle their own merchandise but every once, and a while a department isn’t here which means the cashiers themselves have to care of it. Which leads to some just throwing things in randomly places or not straightening out departments out properly leading to a messy department.

Overall I find working during the holiday season to be stressful but nothing too bad. That may just be because I lucked out and got a good shift on Black Friday and I usually do most Saturdays. But with that being sad being kind to all retail workers during the holiday season and year around is very important.