Preparing for Independent Living

Sophia Clemmer, Editor, Reporter

As students reach the end of their thirteenth and final year, preparing for independent living becomes vital to most. Graduates prepare by learning budgeting and saving skills, as well as household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Many have never found themselves in a position to worry about these parts of life and are scrambling to figure everything out.

“I would like to know who my roommate is, and make sure to save up enough money to be ready for independence. I want to start working as soon as possible so that I can save money for emergencies,” said Mathew Duncan, (12).

Students feel both excited and nervous about such a big change quickly approaching. Adults in the community are working to show their support for these upcoming graduates.

“I think it is important to save as much as you can, but I know it can be hard with food and other expenses. If all you can put away to savings is ten dollars a month, at least that’s something,” Sara Williams, a guidance counselor at Hidden Valley High School explained.

Students are taking advantage of the resources in the community to prepare for their upcoming independence. Although somewhat scared, most individuals are excited for the living situations that lay ahead.