New Year resolutions

Fireworks to start out the New Year!

Fireworks to start out the New Year!

Farah Iqbal, Reporter

The students and teachers at Hidden Valley who want a change in life do so by creating a New Year’s resolution. A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. To kick off 2020, students created resolutions to implement a new small or sometimes drastic lifestyle change.

“My new year’s resolution is to go to the gym more often” said Ahmed Adnan (12).

New Year’s resolutions can involve changing oneself physically, mentally, or emotionally.

“My New year’s resolution is to be less negative,” said Chelynn Hairston (12).

Changing oneself mentally seems much harder than physically, because people have more control of their body rather than their mind.

“Do something for myself one time a month.” Is Mrs. Atkins’ resolution (English Teacher), even with her busy work schedule, she finds time to make healthy changes in her lifestyle.

“Be more active, like biking, going to the gym, and hiking, and finding new hobbies interests, and reading more books,” is Anna Bashore’s (12) new year’s resolution.

Even if it’s just one, or many resolutions made, the students and teachers at Hidden Valley want to start out their new year with healthy lifestyle changes and a positive mindset.